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Before the name. After the mountain


Before the name - Manifesta 11
Before the name - MACBA

Before the name - Spazio k/Villa Romana
Precious Stone - Capella MACBA
Precious Stone - Italian Embassy in Berlin
Before the name - Wilkinson Gallery
---->>Fetching Bridges (endlessly)

A copy produced by this process
Our soul is a presence

One day I'll faint to the floor
Chiedi a Orlando (Ask Orlando)
The Sunshine Vineyard (Our Ideal Revolutionary Storm)
Towards the earth

L' Abbigliamento
This is a presage (in - existence)
(Horizon) the youngest phenomena
Assioma della scelta

The birds would sing in the other room
The man under the skin

Socìetas: dalla terra al cielo
Three iced blackboards (part II)

FETCHING BRIDGES - Event 1, 2 and 3

Performance/Live Actions in the city. Online Streaming via iPad, C-Print photos.
With: Alice Decembri, Alberto Baraghini and Maria Caterina Frani
iPad - live streaming: Francesca Banchelli
Photo: Andrea Abati

Produced and curated by Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci of Prato, with Dryphoto and Kinkaleri for Prato Sarajevo

Fetching Bridges
2014, digital collage with stills taken from the film "Le pont du nord" and images from the work.

All the actions were recorded in low resolution with an iPad and streamed online via a live-stream channel. The streaming was divided in three events, which occurred in various areas of the city of Prato’s suburbs, during the morning and the afternoon of the 10/06/2014 and the evening of 12/06/2014, on occasion of ‘Prato- Sarajevo Art Invasion’, a residency curated by Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci of Prato, with Dryphoto and Kinkaleri for Prato Sarajevo. The actions were inspired from the film “Le Pont du Nord”, Jacques Rivette’s film (1981), and relocated in the city of Prato. The actions have variable durations. Through the live-streaming, the spectator is led to continuously switch the focus between the condition of ‘film’ and the one of reality; two statuses from which the people of Fetching Bridges (endlessly) enter and exit continuously – colliding without conditions with the given context. The events take the shape of little breaches of a film, whose starting point has taken place somewhere else; exactly the way in which reality looks like, without a beginning nor an end - endlessly.

5 mins excerpt of 1hour

FETCHING BRIDGES (endlessly). 5 mins excerpt of 1hour . Francesca Banchelli from Francesca Banchelli on Vimeo.