I cani silenziosi se ne vanno via/ The Silent Dogs go Away - Francesca Banchelli

Catalogue of the solo show "I cani silenziosi se ne vanno via",
at Museo del Novecento, Florence
curated by Sergio Risaliti and Eva Francioli

Sergio Risaliti "Apocalisse?" 2020;
André Lepecki "Fugitive" 2019;
Eva Francioli "And you, and you, and you, and I" 2020.

Music scores by: #EmilianoZelada.

Graphic design: Dania Menafra

Edited by Sergio Risaliti

Vivaldi & Bandecchi Ed.

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Before the name: a book on an itinerant performance project

texts: Alain Badiou, Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, Pier Luigi Tazzi, Carolina Ciuti
music: Emiliano Zelada
curated: Carolina Ciuti
Graphic design: Alex Gifreu
with the support of: Kickstarter campaign, Conad del Tirreno and Villa Romana

RAM Editions


Post n°4 - Conventions
A phenomenon based on light’s vagueness
Francesca Banchelli & Alessandro De Francesco


Folio Magazine

Tender Books
London, UK

Folio Magazine

Donlon Books, London, UK

No Truant People - digital collage for Folio Magazine - issue one


RELATIONAL SYNTAX - Aesthetic awareness and ideological experience in post-industrial society

Volume published in collaboration with Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci of Prato, Nomas Foundation Rome, Scaramouche Gallery New York, Sincresis Florence. A project by Marco Mazzi
Contributors: Augmented Writing, Francesca Banchelli, Manuel Billi, Lorenzo Carlucci, Diego Cossentino, Harun Farocki, Marco Gatto, Vincent W. J. Van Gerven Oei, Adam Staley Groves, Isabella Hollauf, Takashi Homma, Hilario Isola and Matteo Norzi, Alessandro Lanzetta, Eiki Mori, Ben Rivers, subREAL, Jiro Takamatsu.


Folio Magazine - issue one

Motto Distribution, Berlin, D

Folio Issue One
Guest edited by Francesca Banchelli
Folio seeks to operate as an exhibition space on paper, presenting the work several artists per issue.
The magazine is particularly keen to offer a platform for three-dimensional, time-based and dematerialized work to be realized on the flat page.
In every issue, a new guest editor works to bring influences from other disciplines including music, architecture and writing.
A project by Merve Kaptan and Charlie Coffey.
Artist’s in issue One:
Edward Salem, Yunji Park, Matt Lomas, Chloë østmo, Emiliano Zelada.
News print (within sealed plastic)
29.5 x 38cm
Saddle Stitched
18pp, Full color

TORNA Istambul

Folio Magazine - issue one
presentation at Banner Repeater, London, UK


Chemical Imbalances - guest artist for issue n.7 - editions of 100, April 2011

NOW also available at the ICA - London, UK
and at Motto - Berlin, D
The March issue is a collaboration between Matt Lomas and Francesca Banchelli, this is an issue whose specificity more than makes up for its concision, if indeed concision is something to be made up for. This is an apology. A sort of Mathematician’s Apology for the magazine, inspired by Francesca’s artwork, Mapping of a Gesture (The theory of cold bath).

Mapping of a Gesture
Edition of 100 maps made for Chemical Imbalances issue n.7

Mapping of a Gesture (The theory of cold bath)
ink on paper